Volume/Folder: Selina Schroeder diary selection, 1889

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Record Number: 14529
Collection: Schroeder family papers [4054]
Volume: 1889 diary
Creator: Selina Richard Schroeder, 1875-
Date of Original: 1889
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: The diaries of Selina Richard Schroeder, written when she was a teenager, gives the reader a wonderful insight into the late 19th century adolescent world. Selina was the daughter of Louisa and Gilliat Schroeder. In the diaries, she shows concerns not unlike of teens of today. In 1889 she writes, “I am going to be still more careful about who sees this book than I was with the last, and unless it is absolutely necessary, no one shall ever open it but myself and my chum Edith L. Speyers.” She also occasionally wrote in code.

This digital record only contains images of the first 12 pages of Selina's 1889 diary.