Item: The Bettering House or House of Employment, Philadelphia 1828

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Record Number: 4252
Call number: K: II-11
Box/Case: Box II/2-51
Reproduction restrictions: None
Artist: David Johnson Kennedy, 1816-1898
Address: Philadelphia, PA USA
Date of Original: 1828
Original Format: Watercolors
Inscription text: The Old Bettering House or House of employment, Philadelphia In 1828 occupied the lot from 10th to 11th street and from Spruce to Pine Sts, fronting on Spruce Street. This view is taken from the South east corner of 10th and Pine. The corner of the fence in the centre of this sketh is the N.W Cor of 10th and Pine. Centre building, managers apartments, left wing, house of employment, Right wing towards the east, Alms House. D.J.Kennedy