Item: Young Romanian immigrant amateur actors and actresses photographs, 1914

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Record Number: 10741
Relates to: Societatea Banateana-Vasile Alecsandri
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: circa 1914
Original Format: Photographs › Black and white
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 20.5 by 15.5 cm
Dimensions of image, 15.5 by 20.5 cm
Inscription text: White's Studio / S. W. COR 4th & SOUTH / PHILADELPHIA.
Inscription location: Bottom right
Image description: The young man to the far right is John Bogdan, a recent arrival to Philadelphia who joined his two older brothers, Dumitru and Dimitrie Bogdan. These four young people performed in a Romanian folk play, then a very popular activity among Romanian immigrants in Philadelphia until World War II. Note that they are all wearing Societatea Banateana-Vasile Alecsandri membership badges. (The other three individuals are unknown.)

In the second photograph, John Bogdan is wearing a small cloth ribbon made up of the Romanian national colors (Tricolorul) on the upper left part of his fur cap, and both men are wearing sashes made of similar but larger ribbons.