Item: Photographs of and images related to Violet Oakley

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Record Number: 10897
Box Number: 153
Depicts: Violet Oakley
View Format: Photograph
Dimensions: Dimensions of Case, 22 by 17.9 cm.
Dimensions of Case, 23.6 by 19 cm.
Dimensions of Case, 9.4 by 11.7 cm.
Dimensions of Case, 8.7 by 20.6 cm.
Dimensions of Case, 21.9 by 17.9 cm.
Dimensions of Case, 20.3 by 25.3 cm.
Dimensions of Case, 15.9 by 19.6 cm.
Image description: (1) "Washington Marching though Philadelphia going down to the Brandywine," photograph of painting, 1920; (2) "Council of the League of Nation in Season," photograph by W. Vivian Chapel of painting, 1927; (3) Violet Oakley portrait, photograph by Richard T. Donner, 1933; (4) Violet Oakley with mural, photograph, undated; (5) "General Meade and Pennsylvania Troops in camp before Gettysburg," photograph of painting, 1920; (6) "Miss Violet Oakley at her studio at Cogslea," photograph by J. Mitchell Elliot, 1921; (7) Violet Oakley with mural, photograph, undated