Item: Help British Orphans at "Pennsylvania's British Day"

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Record Number: 11342
Date of Original: circa 1918
Original Format: Prints
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 34 by 52 cm
Inscription text: Please send all contributions to the British Relief Committee, 1524 Walnut Street
Drexel Ho. 500 Chestnut Street
Inscription location: Recto
Inscription text: Miss Ella Parsons
Dec. 19. 1918
Inscription location: Verso
Image description: World War I-era poster entreating Americans to "help the orphans of British soldiers sailors & mine-sweepers." This poster for "Pennsylvania's British Day" features a man in Puritan-style dress standing behind three children surrounded by crosses. A rifle, sword, and wreath appear in the foreground, and a nurse stands in the background.

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