Volume/Folder: Der Blutige Schau-Platz oder Martyrer Spiegel der Tauffs Gesinten oder Wehrlosen-Christen, Die um das Zeugnuss Jesu ihres Seligmachers willen gelitten haben ... von Christi Zeit an bis auf das Jahr 1660 ...

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Record Number: 11400
Call number: Am. 1748
Manufacturer: Ephrata Cloister
Author: van Braght, Tieleman Jans
Relates to: Conrad Beissel, 1691-1768
Date of Original: 1748
Original Format: Printed Matter
Image description: This book of martyrs is one of the first and largest bound volumes produced in the colonial United States. It was printed and bound at the Ephrata Cloister at the request of Mennonites, who disapproved of the frontispiece depicting a baptism. A second printing with a more amenable frontispiece was ordered.
This frontispiece is engraved by M. Eben (loose and slightly smaller then the leaves of this copy) and shows the symbol of the Holy Ghost and two standing figures. The volume is in German.