Item: Some Specimens of "Secesh" Industry cartoon

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Record Number: 11419
Box/Case: 1
Folder: 28
Publisher: Harper's Weekly
Relates to: Confederate States of America
Date of Original: June 7 1862
Original Format: Clippings, Prints
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 26.5 by 12.5 cm
Image description: Cartoon depicting satirical examples of what southerners might do to make use of Yankee bones. Captioned, "Some examples of 'Secesh' Industry--intended for the London Exhibition of 1862, but unfortunately intercepted by the 'Paper Blockade.'" Perhaps it is referencing the broken state of the Confederate economy, suggesting that secessionists had nothing better to make these items from, or at least the grimness of the ongoing conflict on the Confederate home front.