Item: World War I-era Photograph, Possibly of Philadelphia

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Record Number: 11434
Collection: Theophil Bock papers [3184]
Date of Original: circa 1917
Original Format: Photographs
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 16.75 by 9.25 cm
Inscription text: Zur Erinerung
an meine
Philadelphia. Pa 
Inscription location: Verso
Image description: World War I-era photograph, possibly of Philadelphia. Inscription, written in German, on the back of the photograph, roughly translates as, "In memory of my internment 1917 in Philadelphia, Pa." After the Kronprinz Wilhem docked in Newport News, Virginia, the United States interned the ship and its crew. The photograph shows a small cannon inside a gazebo in the foreground. A church and approximately 40 one-story buildings appear in the center of the photograph, while a sparse number of trees and a river appear in the background.