Volume/Folder: Philadelphia Record photographs and documents from Gettysburg 75th anniversary reunion, 1938

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Record Number: 11327
Box Number: 20
Folder Number: 1909
Manufacturer: Philadelphia Record
Relates to: Grand Army of the Republic, Confederate States of America
Address: Gettysburg PA
Date of View: 1938
View Format: Photograph,Manuscript › Survey
Inscription text: Pa Gettysburg.
75th anna

A group of Confederates on the left and a group of Union on the right just as they fought at the battle of gettysburg at the High Water Mark on the Battlefield

Jul 1 1893
Inscription location: Verso photo 2
Image description: Photographs and documents from the 1938 Gettysburg 75th anniversary reunion. Image 1 is a survey by the Pennsylvania State Comission, gathering information on veterans needs and wishes for the reunion event, filled out by David Reed, a Union veteran. Image 2 shows a group of Union and Confederate veterans gathered on the battlefield. Image 3 shows veterans in wheelchairs pushed by boyscouts. Image 4 is of a Union and a Confederate veteran posed in the National Cemetary at Gettysburg. Image 5 shows three posed Confederate veterans. Image 6 shows a Union veteran conversing with an Abraham Lincoln reenactor.