Volume/Folder: Narrative of the Life of Henry Bibb, an American Slave, written by himself (illustrations)

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Record Number: 11583
Call number: Tw 3737
Author: Bibb, Henry
Date of Original: 1850
Original Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 12 by 19 by 1.5 cm
Image description: Self-published autobiography of Henry Bibb, born in Shelby County, Kentucky. His father was state senator James Bibb, and his mother was a an enslaved woman named Mildred Jackson who worked for Willard Gatewood. Henry Bibb was married twice, once before his escape to an enslaved woman named Malinda, and again after his escape to a woman named Mary Miles. In 1842, Bibb began lecturing on slavery and became a well known African American activist. In 1849 he published his autobiography.

Image 1 is an engraving of Bibb by P.H. Reason (frontispiece); Image 2 is an illustration of the hypocracies of the Fugitive Slave Act (page 71); Image 3 is an engraving of escaping slaves running from men on horses and dogs (page 129); Image 4 is an illustration of the break up of Bibb's family while a master cracks a whip overhead (page 148); Image 5 is an illustration of a slave auction (page 201).