Volume/Folder: Allentown sweatshop strike photograph, 1932

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Record Number: 11603
Folder: 4711
Manufacturer: Philadelphia Record
Depicted: Pinchot, Cornelia Bryce
Address: Allentown, PA
Date of Original: 1932
Original Format: Photographs
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 23.5 by 17.5 cm
Inscription text: Pennsylvania Governor's Wife Leads Shirt Strikers

Taking an active part in efforts to suppress sweatshop conditions in the Allentown, PA., shirt manufacturing industry, Mrs. Gifford Pinchot, wife of Pennsylvania's Governor, (dark dress right foreground), is pictured May 5 as she led a group of picketers enjoining workers to refuse to work under existing terms. At ^an earlier x/gathering of workers Mrs. Pinchot heard strikers tell of recieving as low as fifty cents XXX^ a week, and being subjected to undue advances by employers which they were obliged to meet in order to hold their jobs. Prosecution under the White Slave Act is contemplated in some cases.
Inscription location: Verso
Image description: Photograph of picket line during a strike of Allentown shirt makers shows men and women holding signs that say "Allentown shirt strikers" and "United we eat! Divided we starve!" First Lady of Pennsylvania, Cornelia Pinchot, is pictured in dark clothing walking with strikers.

This digital record contains two images of one photograph from folder 4711 (labeled as: "Strikes--Pennsylvania--Sweatshops--Allentown").