Box: Drawings and engravings from the Bartram family papers

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Record Number: 11632
Collection: Bartram Family Papers [0036]
Box Number: 9
Artist: Dillenius, Johann Jakob, 1687-1747
Publisher: Edwards, George, 1694-1773
Relates to: Bartram, John, William Bartram
Image description: Assorted illustrations of plants and animals. The bulk of these are scientific engravings of plants, including many species of geranium, and two of the plates are partially hand-colored.

Images (1) and (2) are drawings of an insect nest and moths, respectively, and could possibly be attributed to a member of the Bartram family.

Image (3) is an engraving of a turkey pheasant from Gleanings of Natural History, published by George Edwards, who was a friend and correspondent of William Bartram.

Images (4) - (25) are from German botanist Johann Jakob Dillenius' Hortus Elthamensis. John Bartram sent Dillenius specimens for a later work, but whether the elder Bartram owned a complete volume of the Hortus Elthamensis is unknown.