Volume/Folder: Palmer Cemetery trustees meeting minutes, 1889-1912

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Record Number: 11674
Collection: Palmer Cemetery records [3742]
Volume: 8
Address: 1410 E. Palmer St.
Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: 1889 - 1912
Original Format: Manuscripts
Image description: Meeting minutes, dated 1889-1912, of Palmer Cemetery, located in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood. The cemetery was founded in 1732 as the Kensington Burial Ground and may be one of the city's oldest community graveyards. Palmer was formed on land belonging to Anthony Palmer, merchant and colonial governor, who died in Philadelphia in 1749. Though the property was meant for his family, Palmer wished that the land become a public cemetery for all Kensington residents. At some point, the space took on the name Palmer Cemetery, and is today generally known by that name, though the names "Palmer Cemetery" and "Kensington Burial Grounds" have been used interchangeably throughout the grounds' history.

This digital record contains two hundred ninety-eight images that depict the entire contents of volume