Item: Mesmerism in Wall Street

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Record Number: 11747
Box/Case: 2
Folder: 4
Artist: Stephens, H. L. (Henry Louis), 1824-1882
Depicted: Woodhull, Victoria C. (Victoria Claflin), 1838-1927, Cook, Tennessee Claflin, Lady, 1845-1923, Vanderbilt, Cornelius, 1794-1877
Engraver: Wevill & Hammar
Publisher: Punchinello
Repository: Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Date of Original: April 2 1870
Original Format: Clippings, wood engravings, Political cartoons
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 18.5 by 15 cm
Image description: At center, Cornelius Vanderbilt sits in a cushioned chair in a library. A woman, identified in the caption as "First Lady Broker" (either Victoria Woodhull or Tennessee Claflin) waves her hands in front of Vanderbilt's face, apparently hypnotizing him. At Vanderbilt's side a second woman, identified in the caption as "Second Lady Broker" (either Woodhull or Claflin), kneels and writes on a piece of paper. The caption implies that Claflin and Woodhull have "mesmerized" Vanderbilt in order to sell them shares of their stocks.