Item: Bruin Become Mediator political cartoon, circa 1813

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Record Number: 11822
Call number: Bb 612 B834.1 and .2
Date of Original: 1813
Original Format: Political cartoons
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 37 by 27 cm
Image description: Bruin, the bear in between John Bull and Columbia is a symbol for Russia who is offering peace amongst those around him. The Wasp and Hornet stings that are mentioend by John Bull are in relation to the USS Wasp, a later Continental Navy ship and the USS Hornet an American ship that was mentioned a great deal in the political cartoons during 1813 due to their significance. John Bull begs for forgiveness and prayer from Bruin as he turns to his left and holds his hand out toward Colombia who does not trust John Bull and his pleading.

An early use of a bear as a symbol for Russia. An etching by William Charles.