Item: The Slate Roof House

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Record Number: 1593
Call number: K: 2-140
Box Number: 2/74-140
Reproduction restrictions: None
Painter: Kennedy, David Johnson
Relates to: Penn, William, Penn, John, 1700-1746
Address: 2nd and Sansom Streets
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Original Format: Watercolors
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 35 by 25 cm
Inscription text: The Slate Roof House. This was the residence of Governor Penn from 1700 to 1704. John Penn was born in this house, and in 1702 Lord Carbury, son of Lord Clarenden, cousin of Queen Anne was banqueted. Located East side of 2nd St. between Chestnut & Walnut Streets. Demolished 1868.
Inscription location: Front Bottom
Image description: Red brick mansion with four chimneys on a street corner. People walking along the street in front and to the side of the house.