Item: James Logan letter to Shekallamy [Shikellamy] and Allummapes [Alumapees]

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Record Number: 12530
Collection: Logan family papers [0379]
Box/Case: 1
Folder: 103
Author: James Logan, 1674-1751
Correspondent: Shikellamy
Relates to: Weiser, Conrad
Date of Original: February 1 1730
Original Format: Manuscripts › Correspondence
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 18.5 by 30.5 cm
Image description: Letter from James Logan to Iroquois leaders Shikellamy and Alumapees. Letter implores the Lenape at Shamokin to detain representatives from New York and New Jersey and send them to Philadelphia for trial, as the Pennsylvania government had deemed it unlawful for non-Pensylvanian Europeans to go among the Indians within the Pennsylvania territory, lest they interfere with trade alliances.