Item: Conference with the Indians 19th July 1763 at Shamokin or Augusta

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Record Number: 12427
Collection: Simon Gratz collection [0250B]
Box Number: 14/10
Folder Number: 3
Relates to: James Burd, 1726-1793
Date of View: July 17 1763
View Format: Manuscript
Image description: Minutes from a meeting between Telonemat, a representative of the Six Nations Wawpaway tribe and "a Muncey Chief," and Colonel James Burd, a British military leader in the French and Indian War. The negotiations recorded here took place against the backdrop of escalating violence in the wake of the French and Indian War, and concerned a series of retaliatory attacks between Native Americans and European settlers. It was common for these negotiations to involve both interpreters and individuals who transcribed the proceedings.