Item: Democratic National Convention delegations photographs, 1936

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Record Number: 1673
Call number: V7:637
Folder: 637
Reproduction restrictions: Unknown
Address: 3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia , PA 19104, USA
Date of Original: 1936,June 23 1936
Original Format: Photographs
Inscription text: Dem Nat Conv 1936
“New York”
5/3 for state
Inscription location: Verso
Inscription text: Pennsylvania Delegation
J.B. Myers band leader. Margrotti playing tuba- Guffey and McCloskey on his right
Dem Nat Conv. 1936
Inscription location: Verso
Image description: In 1936, the Democratic National Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from June 23 thru June 27. The convention resulted in the reelection nomination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vice President John N. Garner.
(1) Photograph of members of the Democratic National Convention from New York raised their hats and wave from platform.
(2) Verso.
(3) Members of the Democratic National Convention from Pennsylvania raised their hats and arms to pose for a picture with a band.
(4) Verso.