Volume/Folder: Johann David Schoepff correspondence

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Record Number: 13040
Folder: Schoepff, D.
Author: Schoepff, Johann David, 1752-1800
Correspondent: Muhlenberg, Henry Melchior
Date of Original: 1786 - 1789
Original Format: Manuscripts › Correspondence
Dimensions: 19 by 23.5 cm
Image description: Correspondence by Johann David Schoepff, prominent German botonist, zoologist, and physician. Schoepff is best known for his explorations of North America, having arrived as a physician to aid wounded British soldiers in the American Revolution. He was an early cataloger of North American medicinal plants.

Much of this correspondence is to Henry Muhlenberg, founder of the first Lutheran church in North America, in Lancaster, PA. Text is in English and German.