Item: Richard Allen manumission papers, 1780-1783

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Record Number: 13059
Box/Case: S&T
Folder: R. Stuart - Stutson
Relates to: Allen, Richard
Address: Kent County, DE
Date of Original: January 25 1780,August 27 1783
Original Format: Manuscripts
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 20.5 by 32.5 cm
Dimensions of image, 20.5 by 18 cm
Image description: Images [1] and [2] are the front and back of manumission papers, declaring Richard Allen free from ownership by Stokeley Sturgis, a Delaware planter. The paper details a contract between Sturgis and Allen, in which Allen must purchase his freedom from Sturgis by paying him a yearly sum equivilent to 12 pounds for five years, in the currency of Allen's choosing. The paper refers to Allen as "Richard Negro" and "the Negro named Richard."

Images [3] and [4] are front and back of papers declaring Richard Allen "a free Negro man," so that he could travel abroad freely, also signed by Stokeley Sturgis.