Volume/Folder: The Cooper Maps, 1911-1913

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Record Number: 13110
Volume: 1
Author: Thomas Chalkley Matlack, 1858-1945
Relates to: Cooper, James Fenimore
Date of Original: 1911 - 1913
Original Format: Manuscripts
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 14 by 21 by 6 cm
Image description: Full title: The Cooper Maps, illustrating the chief writings of James Fenimore Cooper, Drawn by Chalkley Matlack

This volume of meticulously illustrated maps relating to all of James Fenimore Cooper's major works was hand drawn, printed, and colored by T. Chalkley Matlack. Also included are coats of arms of the major charachters depicted, illustrations of scenery and settings of each story, and Matlack's synopses of each story's plot accompanied by thematic illustration. Matlack also included a timeline of Cooper's life at the begining of the volume, maps of the world locating where Cooper's stories took place, a catalog of ships that Cooper included in his stories with accompanying diagrams, and nautical illustrations explaining the difference between different types of sailing vessels (ship, brig, schooner, cutter, feluca, caravel).

Major stories illustrated are: Precaution, The Last of the Mohicans, Pathfinder, Homeward Bound, Home as Found, the Sea Lions, The Pioneers.

The entire volume is hand drawn, printed, and colored, likely with colored pencil.