Item: J.G. Brill Company order 22827 photograph negatives, 1929

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Record Number: 13195
Box/Case: 11901-12000
Manufacturer: The J.G. Brill Company
Date of Original: 1929
Original Format: Photographs › Negative
Dimensions: 12.7 by 10.2 cm
Image description: An acetate negative from the Philadelphia-based J.G. Brill Company. They manufactured interurban rail-cars, trolleys, and buses and photographed finished and unfinished products for clients and company records.

These progress negatives depict 2-55 Passenger & Baggage Gas Rail Bodies, built for the American Car & Foundry Export Co. for Uruguayan State Railways. Order was received 1929-10-01 and shipped on 1929-12-15.

11919: Lengthwise interior view of fitted out and painted car showing transverse mounted leather upholstered benches. The view points down into the motorman's room with the door open. "105" painted over door.
11920: Interior view of car lengthwise showing in the foreground a room with pigeon holes over a counter and to the right a stove mounted sideways. Through the open door there is a view of the passenger car with transverse mounted seats.