Item: Reverend William Hogan portrait

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Record Number: 13258
Volume: 26
Page: 2039
Manufacturer: St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
Depicted: Hogan, Rev. William
Printer: Stauffer, David McNeely
Original Format: Engravings
Reproduction Format: Print › Lithograph
Dimensions: 24 by 33 cm
Image description: This online record contains one image of a portrait of the controversial Catholic priest, William Hogan printed by David McNeely Stauffer (1845-1913), son of Jacob Stauffer. Hogan was assigned to the parish of St. Mary's of Philadelphia around 1810. He was excommunicated by Bishop Henry Conwell in 1820, a decision which prompted the "Hogan Schism" and eventually the April 1822 riots. The date of this portrait is unknown, although it most likely postdates his excommunication.