Item: Riot in Philadelphia, July 7th, 1844

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Record Number: 1720
Call number: Bb 892 B921
Reproduction restrictions: None
Artist: Bucholzer, H.
Lithographer: Baille, J.
Publisher: James S. Baillie
Date of Original: circa 1844
Original Format: Prints › Lithographs
Image description: This print depicts the riots on July 7th in Philadelphia when an influx of immigrants, mostly Irish Catholics, clashed with nativist Protestant groups over Philadelphia school officials' decision to permit the use of both the King James and the Latin Vulgate version of the bible in the public school system. During the rioting, mobs attacked the Church of St. Philip de Neri at Second and Queen streets, and state militiamen were called in to end the mayhem. This lithograph portrays nativist protestors and militiamen fighting in front of the open "Nanny Goat" market. Church of St. Philip de Neri is depicted in the distance.