Item: A Trip to Africa over-sized theatrical poster, circa 1884

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Record Number: 13526
Call number: V6-0950
Folder: FF 13.33
Address: Broad & Locust Streets
Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: May 12 1884,1884
Original Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: 69.2 by 99.5 cm
Image description: An over-sized poster for the theatre production "A Trip to Africa," an opera performed in several cities by J.H. Haverly's touring minstrel troupe in 1884. Despite starting his career in New York, Haverly owned theaters in several major cities. Some time between 1876-1884, Haverly purchased Kiralfy's Alhambra Palace (built 1876 for the centennial Exposition), a "Moorish-style" building with two domes located on Broad & Locust Streets, to serve as his Theatre in Philadelphia. It became known as the Broad Street Theatre after Haverly ceased touring. The building was demolished in 1937.