Item: Anthony J. Drexel portrait

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Record Number: 13729
Depicted: Biddle, Anthony Joseph Drexel
Engraver: Samuel Sartain,1830-1906
Photographer: F. Gutekunst
Original Format: Prints
Inscription text: Photo by F. Gutekunst Engraved Samuel Sartain

Anthony J. Drexel
First President, 1871-1893
Inscription location: below portrait
Image description: Anthony Joseph Drexel (September 13, 1826 — June 30, 1893) was an American banker who played a major role in the rise of modern global finance after the Civil War. As the dominant partner of Drexel & Co. of Philadelphia, he founded Drexel, Morgan & Co (later J.P. Morgan & Co.) in New York in 1871 with J.P. Morgan as his junior partner. He also founded Drexel University in 1891. He was also the first president of the Fairmount Park Art Association (now the Association for Public Art), the nation's first private organization dedicated to integrating public art and urban planning.