Volume/Folder: Flickwir family genealogical documents, circa 1892-1899

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Record Number: 13765
Call number: FC FL
Date of Original: May 18 1892
Original Format: Manuscripts, Typescript
Image description: This digital record contains eleven images that depict four items held in genealogical folder FC FL labeled as: "FLICKWIR PHILA." These four items represent the entire contents of this folder.

The first item is a copy of John Douglas Brown Jr.'s application to the Pennsylvania Society of Sons of the Revolution dated May 12, 1892. Brown was a descendant of David Flickwir and some of the other documents in this folder may have be created to prove his lineage. The application is split in the center and was placed together for imaging. The second item is a Flickwir lineage chart which is mostly illegible. The third consists of three small pages of notes on the Flickwir family stapled together. The fourth item is a five-page detailed lineage of the Flickwir family prepared by an unknown genealogist; the latest year listed on the document is 1899.