Volume/Folder: John Jordan memorandum book, 1826-1844

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Record Number: 13779
Creator: John Jordan, c. 1770-1845
Address: 3rd and Race-Vine Streets
Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: 1826 - 1844
Original Format: Manuscripts › Financial
Dimensions: 20.3 by 32.2 by 2.2 cm
Image description: This book lists John Jordan's various expenses from the years 1826-1824. It specifically contains the Jordan family household expenses for one year and the expenses relating to the construction of "different houses."

John Jordan was the nephew of German grocer and entrepeneur Godfrey Haga. In 1784, Jordan traveled to Philadelphia at 14 and was placed under the guardianship of his uncle, and learned the business working as a clerk. In 1793, when Haga retired, Jordan, along with Frederick Boller, his brother-in-law, continued the business as Jordan and Boller. After Boller's untimely death in 1802, John Jordan and his family became sole owners and operators of the business, though the name Boller and Jordan continued until 1807, "for the benefit of Mr. Boller's widow." Jordan and his family resided at the original Haga location at 3rd and Race until 1845. After this point, the Jordan family would greatly expand the business, building larger warehouses and retail locations through subsequent generations.

[Stephen N. Winslow. Biographies of Successful Merchants in Philadelphia. Philadelphia: James K. Simon, 1864. pg. 24-29.]

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