Volume/Folder: Dealing with a Threat of Massive Vigilantism: the All-American Conference to Combat Communism, after 1960

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Record Number: 13893
Collection: Edwin J. Lukas Papers [MSS032]
Box/Case: 1
Folder: 17
Creator: Edwin J. Lukas, 1902-1973
Address: Chicago, IL
Date of Original: 1960
Original Format: Typescript
Image description: Three drafts of an assessment by Edwin J. Lukas [1902-1973] of the 1950 All-American Conference to Combat Communism held in Chicago, IL. Lukas was a member of the American Jewish Commitee and these drafts represent the complicated and suspicious relationship between "patriotic organizations" and the increasingly aggressive tactics used by John McCarthy and his associates during the 1950s and 60s. These drafts were written sometime after 1960. They primarily describe the American Jewish Committee's reluctance to attend the Conference despite receiving an invitation. They feared supporting a "vigilante mechanism." A few select members of AJC ultimately attended the conference and their description of the event is included in the document.

This digital record contains eighteen images that depict the entire contents of folder 17, labeled as: "Case Book: the All-American Conference to Combat Communism."