Volume/Folder: Children's Aid Society children's files history of cases, 1893-1897

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Record Number: 13896
Box/Case: 19
Page: 884, 884 1/4, 884 1/2, 885
Date of Original: 1893 - 1897
Original Format: Printed Matter, Manuscripts
Image description: This volume contains the case histories of children who came to the Children's Aid Society from 1893-1897. Records include background information, if known, about the parents; physical and mental assessments of the child; information about the foster family; and notes from visits by staff social workers. Records are from the arrival of the child until the child “passed from care,” which could occur if the child was returned to the natural family, was formally adopted, reached sufficient age to leave care, or died. The case files from the early years of CAS are more detailed than the later records in the collection.

This digital record contains three images that only depict the front cover and pages 884-885 of this volume.