Volume/Folder: George A. Foreman Philadelphia Transportation Company photograph and ephemera album, 1940-1941 [Volume 11]

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Record Number: 13945
Volume: 11 [formerly 107]
Creator: George A. Foreman, 1881-1950
Address: Philadelphia , PA
Date of Original: 1940 - 1941
Original Format: Albums › Photograph albums, Albums › Scrapbooks, Clippings, Ephemera
Dimensions: 16 by 10.5 by 3.3 cm
Image description: Volume 11 [formerly Volume 107]:
This volume consists entirely of clippings, some from newspapers but most from what seem to be promotional materials for Red Arrow. None of the clippings are annotated by Foreman, but based on captions the date rage is approximately 1941. There are clippings of street scenes in the vicinity of 69th Street Terminal, many with trolleys in motion; of residential neighborhoods, some newly-built; and of profiles of Red Arrow employees such as John F. (Jack) Hammond, Superintendent of Transportation, as well as Master Mechanic “Ed,” otherwise known as Edgar J. Patterson. There are also views of the repair garage at 69th Street; maps showing rail lines going west from 69th Street Terminal then north and south; photos of the interior and exterior of various models of buses and trolleys; and photos of the interior of 69th Street Terminal.

Names listed:
Hammond, John F.; Johnson, Harry Moore; Kinzler, Otto J.; Mathers, Edward; McGrogan, George V.; Patterson, Edgar J.; Pyle, James A.; Pyle, John S.; Recchi, Serafino.

The digital record contains images that depict the entire described item.