Volume/Folder: J.B. Lippincott Company pressed foreign letterbook [unbound], 1889-1891

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Record Number: 13953
Box/Case: 61
Volume: 2
Page: 80-83, 93-96, 102-106, 111-114, 180-181, 379-381, 469
Creator: James Marshall Stoddart, 1845-1921
Address: 2 Ryder St.
St. James W.
London, England
Date of Original: October 8 1889,February 7 1890,February 25 1890,March 25 1890,March 25 1890,April 10 1890,April 22 1890,April 22 1890,June 2 1890,February 12 1891
Original Format: Typescript
Image description: Joseph Marshall Stoddart correspondence on behalf of the J.P. Lippincott Company to writers regarding publishing. This digital record contains images that depict selected letters addressed to J. Garmeson, Edward Heron-Allen, Craige Lippincott, and Oscar Wilde. This letterbook contains many additional pages that are currently undigitized.