Volume/Folder: George A. Foreman Philadelphia Transportation Company photograph and ephemera album, 1877-1949 [Volume 13]

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Record Number: 13970
Volume: 13 [formerly 122]
Creator: George A. Foreman, 1881-1950
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: 1877 - 1949
Original Format: Albums › Photograph albums, Albums › Scrapbooks, Clippings, Ephemera
Dimensions: 16 by 10.5 by 3.3 cm
Image description: Volume 13 [formerly Volume 122]:
The date range of this volume is 1877 to 1949 with the bulk being 1940 to 1949. The item from 1877 is a handwritten poem by Maggie A. Brady apparently from the album of Martha Albright. There are also numerous photos and newspaper clippings from The Evening Bulletin regarding Dorothy E. Williams, the “first woman El motorman in the history of the Philadelphia Transportation Company.” Additionally, there are photos and correspondence dated 1942 to 1946 of Master Sergeant Frederick A. Young, a PTC colleague who served in the Pacific theater. Finally, there are articles and photographs of Charles Boileau, a retired employee who died in 1949 at 105.

Names listed:
Ziert, William M.; Conlin, John; Collison, Clifford J.; Cloud, Naomi; Clark, Jasper J.; Brill, Joseph; Bremser, Charles A.; Burkhardt, Emma; Breish, Jackson; Brady, James J.; Brady, James Paul; Brady, Maggie A.; Bratt, Helen; Breeding, H.F.; Breeding, John P.; Boyle, Ed; Boyle, George; Boileau, Charles; Blackley, James H.; Battin, Anna M.; Barth, Walter; Barclay, Katherine; Barger, Albert Sylvester; Arrison, Joseph Patrick; Williams, Dorothy E.; Carson, Henry; Williams, Charles F.; Zimmerman, Frank E.; Young, Frederick A.; Woods, Rebecca; Wetzler, Russell; Weston, Marie; Weaver, Ira I.; Welsh, Joseph J.; Weber, John F.; Webb, John L.

The digital record contains images that depict the entire described item.