Item: Ennion Williams map of Pennsylvania Population Company lands, circa 1792-1812

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Record Number: 13974
Collection: James Gibson papers [0236]
Box/Case: 7
Address: ; ;
; ;
Franklin; ; , OH; PA; NY ; ; , ; ;
Date of Original: 1792 - 1812
Original Format: Map
Dimensions: 38.2 by 57.2 cm
Inscription text: Ennion Williams's General Draft fom Ohion to Lake Eire

General Draft P.P. Co.'s Lands

Districts: Reen, Powers, Stokeley, Hoge, Leet

Inscription location: Back of map
Image description: The Pennsylvania Population Company was established in 1792 by several prominent east coast entrepreneurs, who believed they could profit from land speculation in the western area of Pennsylvania. Due to arguements over title rights between settlers and land speculation companies in various courts, the company's sales slowed and profits declined, leading to its liquidation in 1812.