Volume/Folder: George A. Foreman Philadelphia Transportation Company photograph and ephemera album, 1940-1946 [Volume 15]

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Record Number: 13981
Volume: 15 [formerly 149]
Creator: George A. Foreman, 1881-1950
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: 1940s
Original Format: Albums › Photograph albums, Albums › Scrapbooks, Clippings, Ephemera
Dimensions: 16 by 10.5 by 3.3 cm
Image description: Volume 15 [formerly Volume 149]:
The date range of this volume is 1940 to approximately 1945/46 as one photograph was taken “after close of WWII.” The volume consists mainly of photographs of PTC employees at work and play, as well as a cat resting on a counter in a stationhouse. However, only some photos are annotated. Many of the annotated photographs include job titles of the individuals pictured but do not include personal names. Job titles listed include depot dispatcher, stationman, operating manager, and others. A number of women are pictured, as is one of the few African Americans to appear in the collection, Sylvester Nash, an elevated porter photographed in 1940. Unlike the others, Mr. Nash’s personal autograph appears below his photo in the album.

Names listed:
Metzler, James F.; McKay, William C.; Nash, Sylvester.

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