Volume/Folder: George A. Foreman Philadelphia Transportation Company photograph and ephemera album, 1941-1942 [Volume 16]

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Record Number: 13982
Volume: 16 [formerly 150]
Creator: George A. Foreman, 1881-1950
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: 1941 - 1942
Original Format: Albums › Photograph albums, Albums › Scrapbooks, Clippings, Ephemera
Dimensions: 16 by 10.5 by 3.3 cm
Image description: Volume 16 [formerly Volume 150]:
Only some photographs have annotations and those that do indicate a date range of 1941. There are numerous photos of employees as well as street scenes taken from various elevated platforms, including one from 29th and Market with a large Sunkist billboard in the foreground and City Hall visible in the distance. One photo dated March 13, 1941 states “Subway-Elevated Employees – Members of PRT Employees Union cast their ballots for Union Delegates away from company premises,” and the next photo, taken the following day, states “Votes for Women – elevated cashiers take a lively interest in electing delegates to PRT Co. Union.” In both cases it is interesting to note the PRT designation considering that PRT ceased to exist on January 1, 1940 when it was replaced by PTC. Finally, there is a rare appearance by Foreman himself (albeit from behind) in a photograph taken at 69th Street Terminal which references “depot dispatcher Geo A. Foreman.”

Names listed:
Eliott, John; Geiger, Albert; Adams, Robert; Myers, Archie; Edgington, Elmer; Johnson, Charlie; Tribetts, Rose; James, Dorothy; Shaw, Betty; Kindelberger, Ethel; McCormack, Katherine; Kelly, Elizabeth; Cooke, James; Harvey, Thomas D.; Hastings, Howard; Humphreys, Fred; Long, Timothy; McNoldy, J. Irvin; Kelly, P.J.; Levins, Anna; Johnson, Archie; Kelly, J.J.; McKay, William C.

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