Volume/Folder: J.G. Brill Company order 18263 photographs, 1912

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Record Number: 14335
Page: Prints 4820 and 4819
Creator: The J.G. Brill Company
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: June 10 1912
Original Format: Photographs
Dimensions: 24.1 by 18.4 cm
23.7 by 12.1 cm
Image description: This order was placed by Cumberland Electric Railway Company for
three 22' long motor bodies with "seat open" interior layouts on April 1, 1912. The order was completed and sent June 10, 1912. The first photograph depicts the right side view of an open car with front and rear platforms. The open sides are lined with grating and have vertically-striped canvas shades which are rolled up. "C.E.Ry.Co." is printed on the side of the car, below the seats. The second photograph depicts an interior view of the car, looking towards rear. It shows two back-to-back, outward-facing wooden longitudinal benches running down the center of the car. Open sides have vertically-striped canvas shades (rolled up) and grating.