Item: Gimbels' Thanksgiving Day Parade photographs, 1929-1941

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Record Number: 2126
Call number: V7: 3553
Folder: 3553
Reproduction restrictions: Unknown
Creator: J. Snyder
Relates to: Gimbel Brothers
Address: 55 North Broad Street ; 839 Market Street
Philadelphia; Philadelphia , PA; PA 19107; 19107, USA; USA
Original Format: Photographs
Image description: Assorted images from Gimbels' Thanksgiving Day Parade. Gimbels is often associated with the retail store of the same name, but Gimbels is notably associated with the Gimbels' Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Originating in 1920, the parade is often noted as being the oldest parade in the United States. Today, the parade is currently known as the 6ABC-Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade.
(1) Photograph shows women caring American Flags down Broad Street onto John F. Kennedy Boulevard.
(2) Photograph shows costume clown heads making their way down Broad Street.
(3) Photograph depicts crowd watching a giant balloon make its way down Market Street.
(4) Photograph of crowd watching an inflatable “Toyland” train makes it’s way down Market Street during Gimbels' Thanksgiving Day Parade.
(5) Photograph depicts balloons making their way down Market Street during parade.
(6) Photograph of a man lifting a little girl to see Santa Claus.