Item: Philadelphia Transportation Company employee protest parade

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Record Number: 2318
Folder: FF 38.3741
Reproduction restrictions: None
Photographer: Elfont, C.
Address: Reyburn Plaza
Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
Date of Original: November 8 1943
Original Format: Photographs
Image description: Employees of the Philadelphia Transportation Company (PTC) partake in a protest parade picketing the company in Reyburn Plaza. Prior to 1944, a number of pickets and protests were held against the PTC for the discriminatory acts against African Americans. African American employees of PTC held menial jobs until 1944 when the organization decided, under pressure from the federal government, to allow positions such as conductors and motormen to be held by African American employees who were qualified for the position. Ensuing the inclusion of African American employees to positions within the company that were non-menial, the white employees of PTC went on strike on August 1, 1944.