Item: Liberty Triumphant or the Downfall of Oppression political cartoon, 1774

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Record Number: 2562
Call number: Bb 612 L615
Reproduction restrictions: None
Artist: Dawkins, Henry, -1786?
Depicted: North, Frederick, Lord, 1732-1792, Poplicola, Bute, John Stuart, Earl of, 1713-1792, Kearsley, John, 1684-1772, East India Company, Sons of Liberty, Richmond and Lennox, Charles Lennox, Duke of, 1735-1806
Engraver: Dawkins, Henry, -1786?
Mentioned: Loring, Joseph, Tryon, William, 1729-1788
Repository: Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Date of Original: December 27 1773 - March 31 1774
Original Format: Engravings, Political cartoons
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 38 by 28 cm
Image description: British leaders, international traders, American colonists, and allegorical figures populate a "map" with Great Britain at left, the North American coastline at right, and the Atlantic Ocean in the middle. In Britain, representatives of the East India Company, British lords, and Beelzebub discuss Americans' resistance to the Tea Act, including the actions of the Boston Tea Party. At their feet are boxes of tea a plan for a warehouse in America. Above them, Britannia complains to the "Genius of Britain" that "the conduct of those my degenerate Sons will break my Heart." In America, a Native American woman representing America leads a group of Native American men, representing the Sons of Liberty, into battle. Below them, a group of men in mourning garments complain that patriotic resistance to the Tea Act will disrupt their plans. At top right, allegorical figures representing Liberty and Fame praise the Sons of Liberty. The cartoon also depicts ships from Philadelphia and New York returning to England with unloaded tea, ships at anchor in Boston Harbor, and the wreck of a ship bearing tea off the coast of Massachusetts. Below the map is a key identifying figures and details depicted in the cartoon.