Item: The Old Chestnut St. Theatre

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Record Number: 3118
Call number: K: 2- 60
Box/Case: 2/3-68A
Reproduction restrictions: None
Painter: David Johnson Kennedy, 1816-1898
Address: Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States
Original Format: Watercolors
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 31 by 24 cm
Inscription text: Philada. Copied by D.J.Kennedy. The Old Chestnut Street Theatre North side of the Chestnut Street west of and adjoining the corner of Sixth Street was originally opened for dramatic performances in 1794. On Easter Sunday night April 2nd 1820 it was destroyed by fire, the roofs of the buildings surrounding it were covered with snow which saved them. Rebuilt Dec. 2nd 1822.
Inscription location: Front Bottom
Image description:

A large white stone building with several windows - both rectangle and arch-shaped - on the second level, and Greek-style columns outside the front entryway. A tree-filled yard enclosed by a brick wall occupies the space to the left of the theatre, and a a three-story brick building with an attic and a balcony on the roof stands to the right. People walk along the street, and some people ride down the road in a horse drawn carriage.