Item: Sketch Taken from the Jersey City Ferry Boat in the Stream of Bedloes Island, N.Y.

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Record Number: 2957
Call number: K: 1-79
Box Number: 1/40-79
Reproduction restrictions: None
Painter: David J. Kennedy
Address: Bedloes Island
New York New York United States
Date of View: 1867
View Format: Watercolor
Dimensions: Dimensions of Image, 30 by 22 cm.
Inscription text: Sketch taken from the Jersey City Ferryboat in the stream, of Bedloes Island New York harbor below Jersey City. 1867, on a visit to F.G. Wolbert Esq. by D.J.Kennedy.
Inscription location: Front Bottom
Image description: In the foreground of the image is a sailboat on the choppy water. Other boats and ships are visible in the background, and on the shore in the background there are numerous buildings. The clouds in the sky stand out, and are large and puffy.