Item: Fort Niagara, and the Entrance to the Niagara River, 1856

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Record Number: 2989
Call number: K: 1-101.3
Box/Case: 1/80-110.3
Reproduction restrictions: None
Painter: David Johnson Kennedy, 1816-1898
Address: Fort Niagara
Niagara County
New York United States
Date of Original: 1856
Original Format: Watercolors
Dimensions: Dimensions of case, 26 by 7 cm
Inscription text: Fort Niagara, Entrance to Niagara River, 1856. Steamers, Chief Justice Robinson, & Peerless, Canadian
Inscription location: Front Bottom
Image description: Large white paddle steamship with sidewheels in the water just off the shore. On the land, there are a number of small buildings and an American flag enclosed by a white wall. In the distance, another steamship is visible.