Item: Thomas Hutchins Cahokia settlement map and key, 1766

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Record Number: 3311
Collection: Thomas Hutchins papers [0308]
Box/Case: 2 and 1
Folder: 21 and 10
Reproduction restrictions: None
Creator: Thomas Hutchins, 1730-1789
Address: Cahokia, IL
Date of Original: 1766
Original Format: Map
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 49 by 33 cm
Dimensions of image, 24 by 37 cm
Map scale: 3/4 mile miles/kilometers : 1 inches/centimeters
Image description: Map of a settlement at Cahokia, now situated outside St. Louis, Missouri, drawn by Thomas Hutchins. Shows divided plots of land with houses, barns, and businesses. Image 1 is the map itself and image 2 is a key to the map.

This digital record contains two images that depict two documents held in two different folders. The first document is a map held in box 2, folder 21 of the Thomas Hutcins papers. The second document is the corresponding key held in box 1, folder 10 of the Thomas Hutchins papers. These images represent the entire contents of both folders.