Item: Bond Bakery photograph, 1941

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Record Number: 267
Folder: FF 2586
Page: front and back
Reproduction restrictions: Unknown
Address: 15th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA
Date of Original: July 17 1941
Original Format: Photographs
Inscription text: (2) Phila Firms Bond Bakery
Model Bakery Opens
Striking night view of the Bond Bakers model bakery at 15th st. above Chestnut. The structure is of stainless steel and glass and in it may be seen bakers preparing and baking rolls, cakes and various baked foods. “The largest loaf of bread in the world,” 7x7x15 feet, weighing 1000 pounds, revolves above [?]ing.
Striking night view of the Bond Bakers new demonstration model bakery building on 15th Street above Chestnut, Philadelphia.  Visitors to the exhibit see master bakers preparing various baked goods exactly as they are produced in the company’s large bakeries. The structure is crowned by the “largest loaf of bread in the world,” a revolving creation of plastic lighted from within. 
Inscription location: Verso
Image description: (1) Photograph depicts exterior view of Bond Bakery at night.
(2) Verso. Original article with photograph and additional description slip.