Item: Residence of Mr. Tench Francis in 1770

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Record Number: 4508
Call number: K: VI-8
Box/Case: VI/1-46
Reproduction restrictions: None
Artist: David Johnson Kennedy, 1816-1898
Relates to: Francis, Tench
Address: Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America
Date of Original: 1770
Original Format: Watercolors
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 51 by 26 cm
Inscription text: Residence of Mr. Tench Francis in 1770, located on the north side of Girard Avenue between 29th and 30th streets and directly east of now, Sedgely Girard house Fairmount Park, one of the first settlers on the River, demolished in 1876. Vineyard Estate, For Sale. Sixtyeight acres, situated on the west side of the Wissahickon in Ridge Road, opposite the two mile stone, are offered for sale in lots to suit purchasers and on an extensive credit. Apply to T.W.Francis Septemer 17 1805. No. 98 South Third Street. Philada. Sketched by D.J.Kennedy 1865
Inscription location: Left side and front bottom
Image description: Two-story brick house with green shutters and a curving driveway and surrounded by trees. A few people walk on the lawn.