Item: Potter's Field watercolor, 1891

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Record Number: 4525
Call number: K: VI-39
Box/Case: Box VI/1-46
Reproduction restrictions: None
Artist: David Johnson Kennedy, 1816-1898
Address: 22nd Street and Lehigh Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
Date of Original: June 1 1891
Original Format: Watercolors
Dimensions: Dimensions of case, 49 by 26 cm
Inscription text: Potters Field. Bounded on the North by Lehigh Avenue, West by 22nd St. South by connecting RR to N.Y. Here were buried the soldiers who died in the U.S Hospitals at 15th and Filbert Streets and Broad and Cherry during the southern rebellion in 1863 and 4. D.J.Kennedy. O for the light that went out when they perished, who lumber in silence the long years away. Long long may their memory be tenderly cherished. Who sleep in the graves which we ponder today.
Inscription location: Front Bottom
Image description: Large, kept green lawn with a white fence. At one end of the lawn are lines of tombstones; at the other end is a small building. A mother and child walk through the lines of tombstones.