Item: Printed Description of the Painting of "The Siege of Paris," Exhibited in the Siege of Paris Building, Fairmount Park Grounds, Centennial Exhibition of 1876

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Record Number: 4678
Call number: K: III-134
Box/Case: Box III/123b-138
Reproduction restrictions: None
Relates to: Zimmerman, J.F.
Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America
Date of Original: 1876
Original Format: Printed Matter
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 35 by 25 cm
Inscription text: The Picture of The Siege of Paris covers twenty thousand square feet of canvas in two sections. It cost about one hundred thousand dollars, requiring the work of thirty painters for six months. A new inn building was erected for it here, and the enterprise gained a net profit of 100 percent before the end of the first year. The have been 968,754 paid admissions, and in one week during the Centennial, the cash receipts were $8,460,000. In August 1878, the Building & Picture were removed to Boston, Massachusetts.
Inscription location: Written on a separate piece of paper, mounted below the article.
Image description: Visual imagery, detailing the scenes that the painting depicts. Painting is described as a "panorama."