Volume/Folder: John Wanamaker 13th and Market location pre-1904 demolition and renovation exterior photographs, 1886-1902

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Record Number: 4747
Collection: John Wanamaker collection [2188]
Box/Case: 120
Folder: 10
Reproduction restrictions: Unknown
Address: Market and Juniper Streets; 1300 Market Street
Philadelphia; Philadelphia, PA; PA ; , ;
Date of Original: 1902,1886
Original Format: Photographs
Dimensions: Dimensions of image, 28 by 20 cm
Image description: Image 1: Exterior of John Wanamaker's department store, depicts horses and carriages, police man, men, and boys in the street. Image 2: streetview of John Wanamaker's Grand Depot taken from 13th and Market Street including clock tower. Horse-drawn carriages are visible, as well as a passing trolley and pedestrians.